Chef KC James

Welcome and thanks for visiting! As a personal chef in the Los Angeles area, my goal is to provide convenient, stress-free and delicious cuisine directly to your home. Because each client has different needs, we’ll work together to create a custom plan that suits you and your busy schedule – this includes preparing trusted family favorites, cooking for special diets or simply trying out new and exciting foods.

Whether its family meals for the week or help hosting a special event, hiring a personal chef is a great way to get the food you love, exactly the way you want it. Bon Appetit!

  • How It Works

    A personal chef provides a much needed service to individuals and families who don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare the food they wish to eat at home. A personal chef customizes meal programs for their clients, prepares all meals in the safety of the client's kitchen, and packages/stores their meals along with specific handling instructions. Healthy, delicious meals can then be enjoyed at the client’s convenience and in the comfort of their own home.
    1. 1 First Meeting
      Our initial meeting will be an opportunity for me to learn more about you and your family, the types of food you like/dislike, and any possible dietary/allergenic restrictions.  We will also discuss which type of service would suit your schedule and your family best.  This initial assessment will provide me with information necessary to make delicious meals you and your family will love.  We'll talk about how often you would like the service and how much food will be appropriate.  I'm able to come every week for a fresh service or less often and provide fresh-frozen meals.
    2. 2 Menu Planning
      After our initial meeting, I will create a menu based on your preferences and email them to you for approval.  You can also refer me to special recipes, family favorites or something new you read in a cookbook or website.  I always try to accommodate specific requests.
    3. 3 The Cook Date
      I will shop for all the groceries the day of your service, choosing the freshest produce and highest quality ingredients available within our budget.  I'll come to your home with my equipment, prepare the meals, package and label them, leave them neatly in your fridge or freezer, and do the all the cleanup.  The only thing left is instructions for heating and the delicious aroma of home cooked food!
  • Services/Pricing

    We’ll work together to create a customized package that works perfectly for you, your budget and your schedule.

    Each Package Includes:

    • Initial Consultation
    • Menu and Meal Planning
    • Dietary Counseling
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Meal Preparation
    • Meal Packaging and Labeling
    • Full Instructions for Heating and Serving
    • Kitchen Clean-up

    Example Packages

    • 3 entrees (including sides) * 4 servings of each = 12 meals
    • 5 entrees (including sides) * 4 servings of each = 20 meals
    • Packages range from $250-$400 plus the cost of groceries.
    • Prices vary depending on the number of meals ordered and the needs and requests of each individual client.
    • Additional sides, soups and salads, baked good and desserts can always be added for an additional fee

    Entertaining Service:

    • Romantic Dinner for Two
    • Dinner Parties, Brunches
    • Birthday parties, anniversaries and other celebrations

    Fresh Service:

    • Weekly or Bi-weekly Fresh Service is also available
  • Sample Menu

  • Common Questions

    Who needs a personal chef?

    • Anyone who believes in the importance of having great meals at home and for a fair price. Most people employ a personal chef because they don’t have the time, desire or know-how to cook the food they want to eat each day. This could be single professionals, busy working families, seniors, new mothers, people with specific diets, etc.

    Can I afford this? Isn’t having a personal chef a luxury?

    • Yes, you can! The cost of a meal plan is comparable to eating out at a decent restaurant. Only you’re in your own home and have ingredients and meals tailored specifically to your needs. Beyond preparing delicious food, a personal chef will also save you time - which can be priceless.
    • As your chef I will plan your meals, do all shopping, food preparation and clean up. I can save you 10-12 hours of time per week by doing this all for you! Last but not least, employing a personal chef is an investment in you and your families health.
    • No more unhealthy restaurant food, frozen meals, or hitting the drive-thru on the way home. With a personal chef you’ll be protecting your most valuable assets - your health and well-being

    How does service work?

    • Please refer to “How it Works” tab

    Do I Need To Be Home When You Are Cooking?

    • No, you don’t. In most cases my clients are working while I’m in the home preparing meals.

    Where do you shop?

    • This varies from client to client. I’m happy to shop at your favorite market or specialty store upon request. Otherwise I visit various grocery stores, farmers markets, etc. to find the freshest, highest quality and best priced ingredients available.

    Are you fully bonded and insured?

    • Yes!

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